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Svitec is an innovative Swiss company specialising in developing, refining and enhancing health and lifestyle products in the energising and vitalisation sector.

We are committed to our partners’ satisfaction. This is at the core of all activities at Svitec GmbH and it is how we measure our success. Thanks to collaboration with experienced product developers and production professionals, Svitec is in a unique position to competently fulfil your individual needs and requirements. Our vision is all-round protection from electromagnetic radiation for everyone.


The Svitec Innovationproduct

Showcase your business with a high-end individual product. The Phone Chip provides perfect all-round protection during phone calls. Our intensive research and development makes us a competent and reliable partner in this field.


Using the new phone chip card gives you the advantage to gain a unique appearance in your market. High quality, easy to use and the unlimited design options make this product the perfect giveaway. Not only a unique appearance is guaranteed to you also the additional benefit which protect you and your customers against aggressive cell phone radiation.

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Scientific studies

Svitecs Phone Chip

The Phone Chip provides all-round protection from radiation resulting in reduced stress and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. It is a valuable companion in your day-to-day life. Read more about the various scientific studies and feedback from renowned institutes.


International studies have proven the preventative and calming effects of the Phone Chip. See this for yourself and read up on the results in the reports of our scientific studies. Please use the contact form if you have any further questions.

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Become a Svitec partner and make use of this unique opportunity to create innovative products. Please contact us directly to discuss with one of our experts how the Svitec technology can be used in your business segment, for your service, product or company.

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Apart from development and production, we also have long-standing experience in global products logistics. Germany, Europe or anywhere else in the world – just ask us and we will create an efficient solution to meet your requirements.


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