What is the Phone Chip?

Showcase your business with a high-end individual product. The Phone Chip provides perfect all-round protection during phone calls. Our intensive research and development makes us a competent and reliable partner in this field.

A flagship of innovation!

The Phone Chip provides perfect protection during phone calls. Our intensive research and development makes us a competent and reliable partner in this field. On top of providing protection, the Phone Chip is a trendy promotional product that you can tailor to your individual needs.

Protection from aggressive mobile phone radiation
Can be attached to any mobile phone
Your personalised promotional product
Scientifically tested
Swiss made quality product
Enhanced vitality and well-being


You decide on the graphic design and the material – we will look after the rest. Our complete service will cater for all your needs. Experienced and highly qualified specialists consistently ensure the highest quality levels for your products. A highly efficient and extremely flexible production system reliably turns around even the most complex orders very quickly and without compromising product quality. The following selection gives you an overview of the virtually limitless design options:

Product details

Please see below for selected product details of the Phone Chip. You can find additional specifications including size, application etc. in our brochure.


Encapsulation technology

Put simply, with the encapsulation technology the product is coated or encapsulated using a sealing compound. Together with our professional production partners we can guarantee a top-quality end product.

In this way the Phone Chip is optimally protected from scratching. A useful side effect of this process is that the Phone Chip sticks to a large variety of different materials.


Laser engraving

The desired pattern/name/image will be engraved on to the Phone Chip by laser. This technology enables us to generate particularly clean and detailed edges. With this method we can also ensure highest quality levels and total satisfaction. Laser engraving makes your Phone Chip water and wipe resistant.

Application Examples


A television produce beside his normal electromagnetic radiation a whole series of wave and radiation types. Beside that TVs have the property of electrostatically charged during operation. Protect yourself from this radiation with a Svitec Chip.


WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is simply and practical. Annoying cables fall away, nothing is in the way. However, fewer cables simultaneously mean more radiation – more electrosmog. No matter where the device is placed. In the living room, kitchen, office or basement. Walls do not proctect against radiation.


Laptop and Tablets / I-Pads are the new e-smog pollution in our living- and bedroom. In the application, comfortable – and easy. Wherever you use them they communicate via radio, exchange data, they produce electromagnetic pollution.


Protect yourself. At your workplace and at home easily attach the chip to the PC. Protects against electrical smog!


The chip can be mounted on the outside or inside of the phone case. Just as well it can be mounted directly on the battery. Depending on what options you have at your device and where you want to place the chip.


To reduce the smog in your living area you mount the transmitter and receiver with one chip. One on the phone, one on the charger. Its so easy to protect yourself.


Protect your offspring already in the young years from the electronic smog


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