Production process

Two technologies are used to manufacture the phone chip; one developed by Penergetic International AG, the other by RayGuard.

The Penergetic technology

Penergetic means “energetically programmed”

Our method is based on the theory of naturally occurring spins, which has been the frequent subject of scientific discussion.
According to the theory, every organism possesses its own spin, i.e. its own rotation and its own biomagnetic field.
Penergetic has developed a process that makes it possible to “program” those specific spins onto a carrier material. The carrier material constantly emits this information to its surrounding area (at a field strength range of 10-12 Pico-Teslas). Organisms (humans) in the area can benefit from this information.


The RayGuard Technology

The nice way to use a Handy

RayGuard is a technology that uses a specific mix of minerals, usually for harmonising radiation. The mixture of minerals can absorb and split impacting electromagnetic rays. The process is comparable to the modus operandi of a polarisation filter.


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