What is the Car Chip

The car status symbol and wonders of technology. Today we spend a lot of time every day in the car.  Comfort and equipment plays an increasingly important role. However, that means more and more electronics and the increase in electronics also means more ELECTROSMOG.  The Car Chip helps to protect preemptively from E-smog. The experimental therapists Heinz Mayer, demonstrate the positive effect. With the dark field microscopy, the blood of the test subject is analyzed.

Investigation with the darfk field microscopy

Your benefits with the Car Chip

k-Svitec_Car Chip_Outside
Everyday protection
Practivable in every car
Space saving
No maintenance
Swiss quality product
Cost effective
k-Svitec_Car Chip_Blood Test

Use of the Car Chip

Installation of Car Chips is very simple. Simply attach the 4 Car chips in the appropriate places.

k-Svitec_Car Chip_attachment3
k-Svitec_Car Chip_attachment2
k-Svitec_Car Chip_attachment1
k-Svitec_Car Chip_attachment4


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