Scientific studies

The Phone Chip provides all-round protection from radiation resulting in reduced stress and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. It is a valuable companion in your day-to-day life. Read more about the various scientific studies and feedback from renowned institutes.

Dark-field microscopy – Heinz Meier

Dark-field tests by experimental therapist Heinz Meier from Oberbuehren, Switzerland.

It was observed in several patients of the practice that their red blood cells were clumping together (“rouleau formation”) when the person was exposed to EMF. This effect was reversed when the body was in contact with the Phone Chip, even when exposed to further EMF.

Normal blood – person is not subjected to radiation, is not holding a mobile phone

Image of blood with inactive mobile phone being held

Blood with mobile phone switched on and phone chip attached

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Life-Test Institute – Ulrich Arndt

Measurements were carried out using the Aschoff test method.
During a mobile phone call the electrical skin resistance values increased significantly (from 50 to 90 kΩ on average) and then fell again over several hours after the call. After a Phone Chip was attached to the mobile phone, the increase was reduced by approximately 2/3.

Information graphics:

Meridian measurements according to Aschoff test, average values for 10 test persons using the Phone Chip – horizontal: measuring point 1-10, vertical: skin resistance in kiloohms (kΩ)*.


Blue line
Initial values
Red line
During the mobile phone call the test person is subjected to severe stress
Green line
During the mobile phone call, but with the Phone Chip attached, the stress is compensated by approximately 67%


*(The ideal value for a healthy adult is approximately 40 kΩ)
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Dr Manfred Doepp, nuclear medicine physician

Cell cultures from normal lymphocytes as well as lymphoblastoid tumour cells were exposed to an electromagnetic field. After 2, 24 and 48 hours respectively, cell proliferation tests and cytofluorometric analyses were carried out. After 24 and 48 hours clear changes were evident for both test methods (compared to control cell cultures).

Those changes did not occur where a Phone Chip was present. The author of the study assumes that the genotoxic effect of EMF that led to increased proliferation was neutralised by the Phone Chip.

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In vitro examinations of cell cultures, Prof F. Marinelli


In 2011, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified radio frequency as being potentially carcinogenic for humans.
An experimental study was carried out on the Mobile Badge by Svitec in order to determine if can protect cells from the biological impact of EMF.

Material and methods

A CCRF-CEM cell culture that is used in many experiments on the effects of radiation (bibliography) was subjected to radiation from a device that emits 900 MGz for 24 hours.


1 – Control 24h out
2 – E + B Exp 24h in
3 – Exp 24h in
4 – Control 24h
5 – Exp 24h

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